A transformative partnership that helps you define and reach your goals

We partner with you to effect positive and meaningful change in your personal and professional life


At Elevate-CLE, coaching is at the heart of what we do and how we work. We value the exceptional talents, insights and experiences you bring, and with coaching, you will unlock your personal and professional potential and maximise your performance.

As professional coaches, we work with you to define your own goals and guide you through an inspirational, thought-provoking process to become the best version of yourself.

Together we co-create a trusted relationship where you identify what you would like to focus or work on, and we provide the framework. As coaches, we can support you to:
  • Know yourself better by developing your self-awareness, interpersonal skills and resilience
  • Clarify your professional or personal goals
  • Develop your authentic and strategic leadership
  • Enhance your teaming and team leadership skills
  • Navigate difficult decisions and /or complex situations
  • Discover and manage your blind spots
  • Manage your professional and career transition
  • Grow your self-confidence
  • Improve and manage your well-being, energy and focus
  • Find solutions and discover new perspectives

You are resourceful and expert in your environment, and our role as coaches is to support you to reveal your richness and grow your potential.

How do we do this?
We listen actively, question, challenge, reflect back, champion you whilst holding you accountable to your goals.

At Elevate-CLE, we operate under and uphold the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics and ascribe ‘to the core values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect. The foundation of these values is a shared commitment to diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice’ (ICF, Statement of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice 2020)

At Elevate-CLE, we offer different types of coaching tailored to your needs

Life Coaching


We work with you to elevate your unique skills, talents and strength to improve your relationships, career and attain greater fulfilment.

Coaching sessions can focus on topics such as clarifying your goals, defining wellness plans, shifting limiting beliefs, preparing for interviews or identifying strategies to address personal or professional challenges or approach opportunities.

Individual coaching sessions run for 60 minutes and are delivered either face-to-face or by ZOOM or phone.

We offer different life coaching packages adapted to your needs. If you are interested in life coaching or would like more information …

Leadership Coaching


Leaders understand that being challenged in a coaching context is the fastest and least expensive way to uncover their potential.

Coaching can focus on how you offer authentic and conscious leadership to your colleagues and teams, how to influence and better motivate co-workers and external collaborators, or deliver specific personal, professional, and organisational goals.

Together we partner to leverage your inherent leadership skills to maximise your performances.

We offer different leadership coaching packages adapted to your needs. If you are ready to take your leadership to the next level or would like more information …

Systemic Team Coaching


Systemic Team Coaching (STC) is a real game-changer for teams operating in complex and volatile environments.

Systemic Team Coaching aims to enhance a team’s collective performance with a specific emphasis on how a team’s operational and strategic goals can further align with the organisation’s needs and various stakeholders.  We use and practice STC to improve teams’ interactions, behaviours, transitions and communications within the individual, team and organisation continuum.
STC packages are tailored to the needs of your team and organisation. Initial diagnostic, goals and sessions are run virtually or face-to-face over a defined timeframe. If you are interested in  Systemic Team Coaching, we would be delighted to discuss the options we offer.

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