The key to leadership is knowing yourself

‘Elevating your leadership’


At Elevate-CLE we work with you to better navigate and enhance your understanding and skills of authentic leadership within your own context.

“Leadership is not a position; it is the behaviours and actions displayed, anyone can demonstrate leadership from anywhere in an organisation or team.”

– Dr Phil Connors

The existing and future ecological, social, political, economic and health challenges require leadership that is diverse, systemic, transformative, and agile to be fit for purpose. As current and emerging leaders, we work alongside you to identify your leadership transition and maximise your potential in today’s increasingly complex and changing environment
Our leadership interventions pose a series of questions for you and your team to consider

What does this mean for you, your team or organisation in your context?

How do you embrace diversity to achieve the most successful and sustainable transformation in your leadership, your team or organisation to meet current and future challenges?
What values, ethics, preferences and motivations inform you and your leadership?
What is your individual ‘why’ statement?
What does any of this have to do with authentic, systemic, transformative leadership?

We work with you to answer these important questions.

Services tailored to YOU

We work with you on all these important questions and any others that may arise.
We do this by:

  • Providing an integrated approach tailored to your requirements
  • Working with you to understand your environment, desired results and challenges
  • Incorporating tools such as Hogan Psychometrics, Enneagram, Positive Intelligence, 360-degree feedback, virtual and live simulation to inform and enhance learning and embed change
  • Integrating coaching and mentoring to support individual and team leadership accountability and sustainability

We offer bespoke Training and Leadership Mastermind Groups

Training, workshops and retreats vary in length and can be delivered in virtual or face to face mode or a combination of both

leadership training

Bespoke leadership training adapted and contextualised to your team and organisation.
Leadership training is co-designed to ensure the results meet your needs and the impact is measurable. You bring your teams context and challenges, and we bring you our leadership expertise to develop and offer a tailored training framework and content. We use the most up to date evidence-based and researched leadership development approaches and tools to ensure learning is embedded and sustained with individuals and teams.  This is how transformation happens.

leadership training
Adapting and enhancing your existing leadership, management or strategy design training.
Building on your technical expertise and existing training material, we work with you to design an enhancement strategy adapted to your situation and needs.
After a thorough consultation process, we review, enhance, and contextualise your training curricula content with evidence-based approaches and innovative practices.
We can work to translate face-to-face to online content and vice-versa.
leadership training
Leadership can be very lonely.
Our Leadership Mastermind groups can help to address this.
With our Mastermind Groups, you will maximise ideas, options and accountability while finding support, inspiration and solutions with like-minded individuals.
These facilitated group sessions will give you that space and sense of direction that will significantly impact how you lead your teams and manage your business.
Leadership Mastermind groups are run regularly or can be arranged on specific topics.

We pride ourselves in supporting all of our leadership offerings with evaluations of the performance of individuals and teams throughout the projects and systemic impact in the longer term.
For further information on performance and evaluation impact, please check our Evaluation page

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