Learning from someone who wants to see you grow

Mentorship is a booster switch you can activate to learn, advance and grow professionally


Mentorship is a collaborative and learning relationship, generally focused on long term career development.

Mentorship is a long-term professional development process in which the mentor provides guidance to the mentee, makes suggestions, and establishes connections. It exists in different forms depending on the country, the region, or the culture and has proven to be an essential element for success and growth of individuals and organisations.

Mentorship although different, is complimentary to coaching as it focuses on professional evolution.

At Elevate – CLE, we engage in mentoring relationships with women to support them gain access to professional opportunities and be better prepared for them. We facilitate connections, sharing of experiences and learning opportunities through our Women Mentorship Programme.


Women’s Mentorship programme

The primary purpose of the Women Mentorship Programme (WMP) is to support you grow professionally by enhancing your skills and knowledge, expanding your network, and increasing your opportunities in your organisation or shifting career. You provide the road map, and we provide feedback, suggestions, and resources to guide you with your decisions or adjust your plans. We are your sounding board for your long-term professional goals.

A proportion of the WMP revenue is reinvested in Pro Bono Mentorship initiatives for individuals and groups from low resource environments.

If you are interested in mentorship or want to know more about our Women Mentorship Programme, contact us.

Why Focus on Women?

As of 2020, women make up almost 47% of the current global workforce, yet they get less access to mentoring, career opportunities and resources to progress in their careers.

The UN Sustainable Development Goal 5Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls‘ by 2030 defines Gender equality not only as a fundamental right but as ‘a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.’ Mentoring is one of the approaches that enable women to enhance their skills, build networks, increase their engagement, and have equal access to leadership positions.

We use mentoring to support gender equality and organisational change.
This is the reason why we created the Women Mentoring Programme.

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